We are new investors with ~$23k in our investment account right now. The following two properties are currently available. Our goal is to acquire both while keeping as much cash in the bank as possible:

1) 3/1.5 in a great neighborhood, available for $100k, inheriting a tenant, intend to hold/rent. Approved for a 30-year personal loan, will break even each month until I can rent correct in 8-12 months.

2) 3/1 in a lower-income neighborhood, available for $30k, vacant, intend to flip or wholesale.

I have access to an interest-only LOC, 20-year commercial financing, and 30-year personal financing. Open to short-term hard money options. I have a feeling the BRRRR strategy could come into play, but could use help wrapping my head around how it would work. Thanks for any help available.