Creative financing, could anyone share some options?

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I have a seller who is interested in selling his two family home, 750K with each unit rented at 2,300.  I'm familiar with this area, he's a little high with asking so don't feel this is the price I would pay - more like 650K, however I don't have the 25% down to buy it with conventional financing (I have @10%) seller tells me he is open to seller financing, maybe that's why he has higher price point....but I'm not as familiar with creative strategies, any ideas on how I could structure this deal creatively with seller financing  and then pay him off at some point? 

Thanks so much for any input.


@Dolores Waldron I've seen the gambit on seller financing.  I've seen 0% loans and I've seen craziness.  It's totally up in the air.  I think to advocate on your behalf here it might be good to know what your priority is.  Meaning, is it more important to have a lower monthly payment?  What if he could get you in the home at 0% down?  What if there was NO monthly payment?  I've seen some people offer "8% with a monthly payment or 10% with no monthly payment (so they get paid when you sell)" but leave the choice to the seller.  There are hundreds of options here. 

@Andrew Postell , thank you for your input, yes, that seems to be what I am reading - endless options :o

Our intention would be to have this as a buy and hold for long term, with that I think ideally we would like it to work with 10% down @ 5% over 30 years...similar to a conventional because that's what I understand best.