Low down payment conventional loan for fourplex? (Not FHA)

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I currently own a three family in Jersey City that I used my FHA loan on. I plan on keeping this property so I will not be eligible for an FHA again. I would like to purchase another owner occupied 4 family, but can not find any loans that are less then 20% down for a 30 year fixed. Anyone have any recommendations on where to look or any brokers in NJ?

The low-down conventional 2-4 unit program, Freddie Mac Home Possible, requires that you not currently own other residential real estate. :\

Outside of that, if the current place has the equity, you can refinance it to conventional to free up FHA eligibility. There are some other nuances involved there.

Check with your small local branches. I’ve got a local lender who can do a 5% Conventional Mortgage on an owner occupied up to 4 units.