My name is Paul and I joined the real estate investing world about 7 months ago, during this time I have dabbled with everything ranging from assignments, flips, tax deeds and wholesaling. I have a tendency to find solid deals and I want to find a hard money/ private money lender who will cover most of the cost, unfortunately I don't have anything in savings nor am I in a position to get a loan. I could get a car title loan if required but it looks like the most that I can contribute out of pocket is a little under 3,000 dollars. If I found a lender I would be willing to split the profit 50/50, as well as pay for holding costs (insurance, appraisals, inspections etc). I don't really have family or friends I can lean on to help me and I am aware of my local REIA but if anyone happens to know anyone who can fund a flip of under 100k I would appreciate it.