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Hello Everyone, 

I am applying for Non-Traditional Unsecured Business Lines of Credit, and I would like to know what the best avenues are for acquiring them. I am referring to Business Credit Cards because they are liquid, Unsecured, and require minimal Documentation; only a personal guarantee

1) Where can I find the business credit cards that offer Intro 0% APR?

2) Which business credit cards offer the Highest Limits? Is there anyway to know what the maximum limits are prior to applying for them?

3) How do you know if these High Limit cards with 0% APR Intro, are going to report to the credit bureaus prior to applying for them?

4) Can you apply online or do these need to be done in person, in the bank? And what are the typical underwriting guidelines? 

5) What is the best way to liquidate the credit to cash? 

Gurus claim to have "relationships" with lenders and have "specialized knowledge" of these questions, and are trying to charge people 10% of the credit that they help get their clients approved fo,r plus an additional 10% for liquidation, which seems absolutely egregious to me. Although I'm not opposed to a charge for a service, it simply seems ludicrous to charge someone what often equates to the cost of a college degree for this information. Can someone please help me answer the following? In exchange I can provide helpful information on how to boost your credit without paying a credit repair company, and information about Real Estate Note Deals. 

Thank you.

@Isaiah Payne

1) you can easily google that

2) there is no way for you to know credit limit until you apply. It will depend on your business you your credit history

3) you can call the company you are applying to and ask if they report credit agencies. From my knowledge if you personally liable for the business card, it will be reported to credit bureaus. However, I have a PNC business card for about 5 years now and it never showed up on my credit report

4) you can apply online. The process is similar to a regular credit card but the bank may request additional documents. I applyed for capital one business credit card online the same way as I would for a personal

5) if you have balance transfer offer from your credit card that would be the easiest option 

Hope this helps