Long term Hard Money Loan or Private Lender

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I have an opportunity to buy a property that has high income producing potential. My question is, what would be the best way to approach this if I needed a long term loan. Also where could I find a long term Hard Money or Private Loan? Long term is needed to make sure that business is steady. Note: This will also be my primary residence, so is this even possible? Apologizing in advance I am still very new to this so it may be a silly question to some.

This is not a lot of info to go on.

Can you share more info?

For example:

What is the property (residential/mixed use)?
What kind of cap rate?
Why not get a traditional mortgage or commercial loan?

You would be surprised how many people will write you a check right now if a deal makes sense.

Why not get a conventional?

@Jackie Romo is this a commercial multifamily property(5+ units)? What will be the purchase price be?

Loans for a property you're going to live in are highly regulated.  Hard money lenders almost always prohibit living in the property.  Savvy private lenders will, too.  Getting a conventional loan is the best route for a long-term loan.  Is there some reason you cannot?

The property is multi use camping, Airbnb, recreational, venue. Has a good book of business already.

Ownerwill carry $375k I need $200k down. I will try conventional.

You'll probably need a commercial loan for something like that.  Conventional is only for 1-4 unit residential.  You might find one that will allow the owner to give you a second mortgage, but it will be tough to find anyone that will go behind the owner's mortgage.  And you'll still need some of your own cash in the deal.

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