Bought my first List today!

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Today I woke up and decided I was going to send out my first yellow letters to commercial and multifamily properties with 4-100 units. :) I’m just proud of myself for getting over the first fear of actually stepping out. How do I got about talking to the owners once they call and seeing if their open to creative financing. I’m reading some great books right now that we’re recommended in this forum but still a bit confused on land contracts, master leases and lease options when it comes to properties. Woohoo!

Well done...I wrote up a script to keep with me so I didn’t forget to ask something.  You want to know the details of the house, but you also need to determine motivation.  Keep going!

@Kerry Baird ahhh I definitely should write out a script because I’m sure I will be really nervous. Thank you! Trying to reach that goal of one rental. I saw the challenge going around and thought I’ll give it a go :)

@Kerry Baird I sent out a little over 400 letters today. I hand wrote the envelopes and did yellow letters inquiring about 4 unit apartments. I was going to do 2-100 units but decided I should perhaps send LOI out. I don't quite know how to go about the 4 units and up yet or if I should even just send out the same yellow letter.

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@Erica Shaunta Thompson

Awesome job taking action! I got scripts on how to talk to owners depending on the scenario. Also a game plan if you are going to start up your direct mail and a checklist. Hit me up if you want any of those. Also let me know where you're at, sounds like you purchased a list and haven't started mailing yet? Lots stuff you should prep prior to mailing if you want to maximize response and conversion rates.

@Ray Lai good morning, that sounds awesome!! I didn’t know I needed to prep. I’ll message you now. Thank you :)

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