Lines of Credit/Crowd Funding

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Does anyone in the Louisville, KY area know of a bank/institution that offers Lines of Credit (secured/unsecured)? I am looking to shop around but need some names to start calling. Places I have tried thus far have not given me any luck. Feel free to PM me!

Also, has anyone in the Louisville, KY area utilized crowd funding (RealtyShares)? I would love to hear your experience if so. Feel free to PM me and we can set up a time to meet for coffee/lunch/drink.

Appreciate any help I can get.

What issues are you having with local banks for LOC?

I wouldn't phrase it as an issue. More along the lines of they do not offer LOC (unsecured) or the amount I'm looking for is to little.

@Corbin Wafford have you tried posting this in the Kentucky forum?  I might also suggest to look for some local real estate investment clubs in your area.  That way you can meet other local investors and speak with them about what they use.  Thanks!

@Corbin how much are you looking for and what’s the use of funds?

first Harrison bank has unsecured lines of credit 

@Andrew Postell Give Park Community Credit Union a call. They are a local credit union based in L-ville. They may have something that will work for you. The local REIA (kreia - kentuckiana real estate investors' association) would know as well of lenders that may also work for you.

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