Owner wishes to sell his entire portfolio and open to all offers.

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Good morning everyone,
This morning I woke and just started calling all the brokers in the areas I’m looking to invest in. I came across one gentlemen who says he’s looking to sell his entire portfolio of apartment buildings, Duplexes, triplexes and single family homes and he’s open to all offers. He says he’s getting sick and losing all his hearings so he’s trying to get rid of everything quickly because he just can’t do it anymore with his age. He selling for their tax appraisal amounts. How do I structure a deal that’s a win win for us both? I’m from the area and I know what’s he’s offering is a killer deal.

@Erica Shaunta Thompson The first order of business is to determine whether the tax assessment value is a good deal.  

I'd also want to clarify what he means by "losing all his hearings".  Are these for evictions?  Board of Health?

You need to get inside each home with a home inspector so you know what you're getting into.

Due diligence first, then look for a lender.  Maybe talk with a local bank or credit union and see if they'll be interested in a portfolio deal.


Hi Erica - I'd be interested in learning more/assisting. I've been looking of opportunities in the area also -- please reach out via BP PM. Thanks very much!

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Hey Erica, I'd like to find out more about the opportunity as well.

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