2nd Deed on Flip 85% CLTV in Colorado???

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I have a flip that is completed and listed for sale in Boulder, CO. I currently have a private loan and a second deed that need bought out. This new loan will take second position and CLTV will be 85%. Does anyone know of a lender willing to do a second at 85%? I'm willing to look at all options, interest rates, etc.

First deed is $625K

Second deed amount needed is $85K

Market value is $840K

Total loans will be $710K (just under 85% LTV)


Another option is to have a first DOT replace the current first and second

I work with note investors who can help.  DM me if you'd like so we can chat.

 @Jake Adams Are you doing a lot of rehabs in Boulder? Was this an off market deal?

@Adam M. I have 2 rehab projects in Boulder county. I will look at deals from Boulder up to Fort Collins. One of the projects I bought on market and one was off market. I noticed you are in Fort Collins as well, that is where I would prefer to buy

@Jake Adams Good deals are few and far between up here. I have a day job, so I can't hunt like I used to. I'm primarily looking for buy and holds SFR and MFR.

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