Recommendations for 5-30 Day TF/Bridge Lenders on an HML Refi?

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Looking for recommendations of companies to temp fund a Hard Money Refi SFR. I need it paid off by 12/1/17 or I get a massive fee. Hard Money is moving forward on refi, but Title may take too long on their side. Hard Money should come through within 5-10 days. Does anyone know of any reliable fast honest lenders that do this kind of thing? Even if Refi falls through, I have a solid backup plan for 30 days out so max range is 5-30 days. I appreciate any recommendations!

@George Bronson Hi George, looks like you have an interesting situation on your hands. What type of 'massive fee' are we talking about- and what's your ultimate goal in the end with this property - i.e. sell or traditional refi? 

Anyway you look at it, this is an urgent request for funding, and even if you're able to refi with another hard money lender there will be origination fees there as well. Perhaps it may be the best to just eat the cost if it's around the same of what a new loan origination may cost, unless you have a private lender willing to step in.

I work with a direct bridge lender in California and we are able to close files in as few as 5 days. Let me know if you'd like to talk.

Happy to try and assist you may pm me.

Eric the fee on expiring HML is $90k (Civic Financial). Ridiculous. I started a Refi in Sept, lender kept saying approved but always some excuse to not send loan docs. Turns out they never contacted escrow since opening in Sept. To this very day, this lender says they’ll fund this week (but aren’t). I gave up on them and went to another HML I used before and like (Anchor), but it’s just taking slightly longer with title.

I was thinking a bridge or TF would get Civic paid off until Anchor comes thru (5-10 days), or until I can pay cash at end of the Dec.

Goal is to finish rehab, & add 750 sqft guest house as it helps on returns.

@George Bronson Wow! That's unfortunate, looks like the lender has dropped the ball, or is dragging their feet to collect that fee.. 60 days to refinance (even for a conventional loan) is a long time. 

Most hard money lenders will operate within this closing window (5-10 days). I'd say Transactional Funding could be another option, or even seeing if another title company could take over the file. I don't have any contacts in this space, so I'd say going through google would be your best bet.

Thankfully the lender with expiring loan was open to negotiation. Whew! Got a 30 day reprieve 👍 What a relief!

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