manufactured (hud) duplex financing

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I’ve found a 2 unit manufactured home, on land, real property in a town I have a vrbo cabin. It’s currently occupied, etc. good Rental history and location. The catch is that Fannie and Freddie (to the best of my knowledge) will not underwrite a 2 unit manufactured home (it’s not a modular, it’s a double wide duplex, 6/2). I’m curious if anyone has any suggestions on financing options. I currently own a traditional long term rental sfh and a vacation cabin that we rent out as a short term rental, plus our home. 

Hoping to pick the much bigger brains here for ideas.

FYI - this would be a long term hold, not worried about appreciation issues as it would be a cash flow rental. I’m considering selling the single family as it’s in another town and would like to consolidate investment properties in the same town. I would prefer to put no more than 25% down.


I haven’t reached out yet. I’d like to have my ducks/options in a row before talking with the sellers agent. The property is listed on the mls, but conveniently doesn’t have the info on financing. I’m hoping there are other creative ideas out there.