Advice on finding an FHA Mortgage Counselor

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I've been searching online for an FHA mortgage counselor for over a month now; I'm working towards buying my first home to househack.

I completed a form online and a couple of weeks later, received a call from an FHA mortgage originator in Cranston, Rhode Island. I've been communicating with the gentleman for several weeks now, he's emailed me information on what he needs to qualify me for an FHA loan, however, I'm a little nervous because I live in Wisconsin.

Has anyone ever worked with an FHA mortgage counselor/originator in another state?

He was the first to contact me and by the time I was contacted by an FHA mortgage counselor in my state, I had already been communicating with the Rhode Island counselor for several weeks.

I haven't given any personal information yet but I wanted to ask here on BP to see what you all it best to work with a mortgage counselor in your state or does it really matter?

Any advice is appreciated.



Hi Heather! I would have similar reservations working with an out of state mortgage broker. Especially one who wasn't personally referred to you. Have you tried asking local realtors to put you in contact with some a mortgage broker who could assist in qualifying you for a FHA loan? I

@Tommi Edwards Hi Tommi, no I haven't but thanks for the advice; I'm going to post on BP for referrals in my area as well. Best Regards, Heather

Hi @Heather M Long . My lender is out of state, and I've used him for the last 7 transactions. Just make sure they are licensed to do business in your state.

@Mindy Jensen, 

Thanks for the information. 

You don’t need a “counselor”, you need a Local mtg broker/lender. A loan officer is who you’re looking for.

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