Buying first investment property - Lending Help / Options

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Hello Everyone, I just bought a home in the Pontiac, MI area. First home, with a conventional loan, 4.1%. I am looking at my first investment property. 2-4 plex in the <$100k range (which there are several). I am looking for advise on obtaining a loan for this property and a wondering what my options are. Can I go to the bank and ask for a new loan? I doubt they would write a pre-approval because with my current loan I wouldn’t qualify. Hard money is too high of an interest rate for a buy and hold. I know securing private funding is the best option, but may not be on the table right now, and would like to find a creative way of buying the home using financing. Are there banks/financing options that look purely at the investment? Thank you all for your help! -Doran

My first question -  does the property require rehab or is it turn-key? If rehab is required purchasing with long term financing is not an option so a local bank is out  of play unless they offer rehab loans, and if they do it will be a 2 loan process likely. If not, hard money or finding private money is a good option.