Curious. 100% of Purchase+Rehab hard money. Does this exist?

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Are there lenders that will finance a purchase as well as the rehab costs at 100%? Is this even an option for people starting out? Let’s say the homes you are looking at go for $100k The rehab runs about $30k The ARV is $180k How much cash would you expect a hard money lender to need you to put in?

Yes they exist.  I have a close friend that did one.  The hard part is actually finding one.

In his case he had been working with a realtor for months.   The realtor had a neighbor with a run-down house.  The neighbor tried to sell it to a wholesaler who made a super low-ball offer which she found offensive.   The neighbor contacted the realtor who called my friend.  

My friend offered $10K more than the wholesaler and bought the house at about 50% of ARV less costs. Using hard money he funded purchase and rehab with $0 out of pocket. When he went to refi to a conventional mortgage he actually got a few $$ back.

That is true infinite return!

Yes they exist but you’ll likely need your purchase and rehab costs to be at most 65-70 percent ARV