I'm in escrow on a triplex; I have the funds to close and fund it all the way through but I am trying to get creative because I see other deals.

  • Purchase: $25k
  • Rehab: $40-45k, 6 weeks
  • ARV: $90-100k
  • Triplex: 2x 2/1; 1x 1/1
  • Jacksonville FL
  • CB structure


  • Cashout refi, no seasoning: If I could finish the rehab and start the process for a cashout refi without seasoning, I would then do the deal cash with my own funds.
  • Short term financing during seasoning period (ex: partner with contractor, private money, cheaper hard money?)

Does anybody have no-seasoning lenders OR short term financing options that are not 11%+pts? Other ideas are appreciated.

Stories of what others have done in this situation are also welcome!