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Hi, I am a new investor looking to acquire property. I have been studying like crazy this past year. I came across a great 4 pack deal. Seller is asking 107K for four properties. These properties are currently occupied and rents total $2700. I am stuck now because I am in need of the down payment. My wife and I pre-qualified for an investment loan, but now we are searching ways to come up with the down payment. I have about 80K in equity in my home, but debt to income ratio is not where it need to be. I even asked seller about owner financing. I AM STUCK, PLEASE HELP!!!!

I sounds like you need a partner. Start with your local REIA or any real estate investor connections you can think of.

@Sadiq Muhammed   Any other savings you can draw on: margin account for your stock holdings?  401k loan?  Both would allow you to access funds without actually cashing out.  Of course, there are still risks with both of those, but can be a 1-3 days for funds, no hassle solution.