Getting 1st Mortgage given Employment Status

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Hey everyone i'm just wondering about ways i can get a mortgage loan for a property given my current situation. This was the previous thread i created;

I am not employed currently and am still in school but have roughly a 50k bankroll and i can make 5k a month on avg and my credit score is okay so far (recently got credit card a few months ago), i have stats/graphs/records documented from poker earnings and am currently trying to fill out my w-2 filling tax returns to show proof that i have document-able income and all i would need is 2 years worth of w-2s? 

So having all this a good credit score, bank statement/funds (does paying more % down help at all?), and 2 years worth of documentable income on w-2s would i be able to get a mortgage loan/lender from an ordinary bank or would i have to seek out some private commercial companies to get a similar type loan that doesn't have an extremely high interest rate?


I understand that i am basically asking the same question as i was in the first thread but i thought i would get better responses in this part of the sub-forum as i'm guessing there are plenty of people out there who are in the same situation as me in that they don't have a "stable income from a job" or are self employed and i'm wondering what method they did to be able to get a mortgage

Updated almost 3 years ago

Actually i can't fill out any w-2s (only an employer can fill it out) and can only fill out tax returns but are both considered the same by say a bank when applying for a mortgage