Need investment capitol for a project/s in Belize?

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With speculative development financing in Belize being difficult or perhaps non existent and title ownership being as safe as in the US, we thought it be worthwhile to connect to an investor/s stateside to discuss several different development projects that have the capacity to produce very favourable returns.  The development opportunities here are substantial, that is once one wades through the complications of setting up banking, visa's, and business registrations in which to operate from here!

We have done all of this... were only missing a relationship with the right investor/s, someone that is interested in getting in reasonably early on a market that is set to change in a big way!

Looking forward to some insight and/or assistance...?


@Jon - Placencia, Stann Creek including specific outlying Islands    

@Michelle - Looking for capitol involvement of $180k for a $300k gross return, and $350k for a $700k + gross return!  Were  also exploring fractional sales advantages at the moment, which is showing far more predictable returns than whole ownership?  Given the buyer traffic doesn't want to live here, they just want a place in the tropics to enjoy for a couple times per year!

Sounds like another Belizean Ponzi scheme similar to 'Sanctuary Belize' aka 'The Reserve' (google it) type of scam. I've talked to people down there who are aware of Michael Wilcher and his project. He has no track record in the country, no tangible qualifications and no projects to speak of other than having talked his way into this one, which is a concrete slab on a beach. I've met loads of people like him down there. Don't waste your time.

Your a nice guy David Stratham...   Its nice to be judged by someone without ever even meeting!  I've been in construction development business for 35 years in 4 countries, and have never been publicly chastised like this for absolutely no reason - wow!    Not phased... I've met far to many people like you over the years, and I'd only say its angry people like you that should be avoided!  All the best to you!  

Additionally David Stratham, and for the record... I am in no way affiliated or have ever been part of any Sanctuary Belize or The Reserve whatsoever!  Your statement is hurtful, empty, and without merit!  Best of success to you!

I know a lot of people down there and have been visiting Belize long before you ever heard of the country. Your sister is in real estate in the south  (and incidentally folks, construction, like real estate in Belize requires zero qualifications, insurance or licensing). I also know you were removed from a project there due to the developer having arrived at the conclusion you had a good line in chat but no actual construction qualifications or provable track record.  I didn't say you were affiliated with SB or the Reserve (now shut down by the US government) but anyone who reads your bio on the website for the project you are trying to push here can smell the BS a mile away. Belize doesn't need people like you.

Your an idiot David Stratham... hiding behind some nondescript identity on a site that your using as a way to voice your poorly inflated opinion of people and then basing your troll rant on "I know allow of people"..., your simply a spineless ******* of which this world has no use of David Stratham !    Perhaps tell us a little bit about yourself please, even an avatar photo would do...   Until then please stop your actions and introduce yourself in person so that we can discuss your misguided opinion in person... unless of course its easier to hide behind your computer screen while tearing people down without merit!  Further, my CV of 35 years is earned and verifiable should you have interest in discussing it, when ever you get to Belize that is...    All the best with your pursuits!    

It's 'Statham' and before you call people an idiot you should learn the use of 'you're'. I know a lot of people in Belize because I've been visiting there years before you ever heard of Belize.

* The project you are hawking on here is a slab on a beach that has been talked about for over ten years and has already gone through a previous name change - classic signs of a development ponzi scheme which Belize is well known for.

* You have already been removed from a company in the south of Belize. 

* You have no provable track record of ever working on a project in Belize.

* Construction in Belize requires no qualifications, license or insurance and is totally unregulated, which explains why you are there.