30 properties in 3 years

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Hey guys! I'm a hopeful investor in San Antonio, Texas. I want to get started as soon as possible in real estate. My dream is to make over a million dollars in cash flow, and I want to start out strong. I want to start 2019 right, and end it with at least 5 rental properties. From there, I want to scale and own 30 properties in 3 years. I've been listening to the BP podcast, and soaking up as much information as I can from YouTube, books, etc. Now I want to act. So if there's anyone in San Antonio who can give me more specific advice for my area, pleade don't hesitate to respond! I'm a 22 year old hustler, and I'm ready to get started.

Hey Jacob,

Best advice I ever received, is "build your team." Do you have the team to start buying deals? At a minimum, you will want: 1. A mentor/partner/experienced investor, 2. A local expert/realtor, 3. handyman/foreman/contractor. 4. A trusted loan officer/lender/supplier of $.

I highly recommend you search for deals daily, but you will hit a lot of unnecessary road blocks along the way if you haven't identified your team.  And continuously talk to people about what you're doing and be open to adding them to your network. 

Once you have your team, keep recruiting, keep looking for opportunities i.e. deals.  Ask other if they know of people who need to sell that you can help. Always approach the situation as a problem solver and a solution provider, everyone wins.  I trust this helped.

Let me know if I can serve in any way to get you to the $1M.


Hey Jacob, I would love to link up with you! I love your energy! 

I have acquired 4 rentals this year and I have closed over 150 wholesale deals & several flips here in San Antonio. I am a licensed agent and I have a team of acquisition associates helping me close more wholesale deals, find more rentals and flips. One of my acquisition associates is only 23 and closed on his first rental property this month (it was a "subject-to" deal).

Let me know if I can help!