Adding Name to Mortgage Loan

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I see there are many experts here and I would really appreciate some feedback. I have a situation. My husband and I just started life together after our first marriage. Starting life all over again with financial challenges and low credit scores is hell. My sister is trying to help us and had put our names on her mortgage loan. We don’t pay her anything as she can handle the mortgage loan by herself and we don’t live with her. My husband has VA Loan that he can use but never used it before because he has low credit score. Now my sister is engaged and she will get marry soon. She will be moving soon to live with her husband and no longer staying at her house. The mortgage loan is about $440k left to go. We don’t have money to buy her house, but she is willing to do owner carry/financing or we refinance through my husband’s VA loan and buy her out. She is open to options. We have not tried anything as of yet. What is the best option for us since we will not qualify for the traditional purchase with using credit score? Thank you for reading and yoyr feedback. Meix

Until you either have 1) cash or 2) high enough scores to qualify for VA loan you will not be able to buy it. Unless she is willing to do owner finance, in which case you just pay mortgage to her instead of the bank. You will need to find a lawyer that does that, who can put together seller finance contract. BP has a few threads on that, look around. Good luck