Indiana Bank Suggestions

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What community banks/lenders are investors in Indianapolis, Indiana having success with? I am a W2 employee making decent money but have 2 mortgages in my name. I am looking for a bank that can lend on small multi families with 20% down but do not meet Fannie mae DTI standards. **as a side note, who are you using for hard money? May write another post about this.

You could try Forum Credit Union. I've used them since I moved to Indianapolis and have been really happy. I'm waiting for a pre-approval letter to finance a single family right now. I don't have an experience with local HM lenders. 

Updated 12 months ago

For anyone that finds this post: 2 loans and 1 cash-out ReFi completed with Forum CU. Good luck.

Ruoff Home Mortgage. Highly recommend Peggy Alley.

Updated almost 3 years ago

Just want to clarify. I worked with Peggy Alley at Ruoff Home Mortgage. She was amazing. She went above and beyond the call of duty and was very, very responsive. She more or less drove the whole sales transaction. I highly recommend her and can not speak for anyone else there. (440)862-3668

I got my mortgage through Shaneka Pedersen at Elements Financial.  We closed in 1 month, and she sent me a congratulations plant and gift card afterwards.  This was for a single family home last spring.  

(I killed the plant, sorry Shaneka.)  :(