Recommendations request for Unsecured Personal Line of Credit

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Hey all, 

I'm looking for recommendations on easy organizations to work with to get approved for an Unsecured Personal Line of Credit. Obviously higher the limit with lowest rate is ideal but that's probably something I didn't even need to put here :)

My Credit Score is ~750 and my average W2 over past couple years is ~200k. If it matters at all, I'm doing my investing in Indianapolis area primarily now. 

Any recommendations are much appreciated. 


A local bank or credit union may be able to help you. You also have a condo....that is a great way to get a line of credit "HELOC" its usually provides the lowest interest rate of any other type of loan. Just like a personal line of credit you only use what you need. Its a great way to use the equity from a property without having to pay the high taxes of a sale.