Partial Owner Carry used for Down Payment?

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I have a property I want to buy that that the owner is willing to carry back part of the purchase.  The property is storage units.  The purchase price is roughly $600K and he is willing to carry back $200K.  Currently the SBA is loaning on storage units with an attractive package.  We recently closed on another deal very similar with a local bank and the SBA.  Is there a way that I can use the owner carry portion as the down payment?  I am not super savvy on the rules of lending so I am sorry if my question proposes something against lending regulation.  My intention is not to do something illegal or unethical, but get an answer from someone other than the bank.  I know the bank's stance will be for me to put my own money in so I have "skin in the game".  While I respect their approach, I would like to hear if their are any other options to get creative.  I have an individual who wants to partner and will put the down money in, but I would rather take this one down without a partner if possible.  

Thanks in advance for any help or opinions. 


@ Garrett Foster   There are few alternative commercial lenders that will allow you to use a seller carry back.   We have a few lenders that do this.  But it is a case by case basis, but it can be done.