VA Refinance options

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By second tier do you mean this is a your 2nd outstanding VA loan you have or something else?

Anyways, you can refinance up to 100% of your homes value up to 453,100 whichever is lower (and you can refinance higher above 453,100 also but only up to 75% of the difference on your home's value as determined by appraisal) unless if you're in a high balance county which if you're in OK then the home is probably not in a high balance county. Example, Los Angeles High Balance Conforming limit is 679,650 or Seattle's is 667,000. These two cities are high balance counties so they have conventional limits above the nationwide 453,100 limit.

Let me know if that helps.

Thanks Albert. I am trying to determine if the COE that has the $144 minimum can close out my Conv loan into a Cash out refi. I am unsure if that minimum applies here. Are different lenders able to do the loan?