Purchase wholesale property with credit cards?

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I want to purchase a single family home from a wholesaler and practice the BRRR method. Does anyone know of any credit cards that would allow you to purchase a property with it? Looking for houses under $100K where I can rehab and then get a mortgage on it. I’ve heard of people doing this in the past. Is this still a thing? If so, what cards would you recommend and how do you go about it? Any other advice is welcomed. Thanks!

I think just about any credit card company will allow you to make any legal purchase within your credit limit.

Two things to be wary of: 1) you'll need either One Card with a HUGE limit ($100k? wow!) or several cards that add up to a huge limit. Unfortunately (or fortunately) the days of banks mailing out credit cards to everybody with a pulse and all you needed to do was sign on the line are over. Banks today will check your credit, and the higher your existing limits are, the less likely they're going to be to underwrite another one.

and 2) your interest rate is going to be MASSIVE. Be ready to refinance with more traditional methods or flip as soon as possible.

Yes, people did used to do that, but I doubt if that technique is still much in use today. It might be possible to get $100K limit on one, maybe two cards, but after that, banks would be morons to issue you a third card with any respectable limit.

And I say this as the former holder of a card with a $39K limit (boy, the horror stories I could tell you on that mess!). It may be possible to accumulate $100K in readily available credit cards, but I'd have to say it's rather unlikely.