Partnership with 50% Conventional Loan and 50% Cash

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I am a first time home buyer in a partnership where I am taking a conventional loan to purchase the property, and my partner is contributing half the value of the property in cash to pay the downpayment, closing costs, and rehab. I'm on the hook for the loan, and my partner is providing capital. 

After the purchase, I will add my partner to the title. During the rehab, I will live in the property and pay down the mortgage. Of course, we will have an attorney draft an agreement.


1. After a year or two, we plan on refinancing. My partner is requesting repayment of the total of his cash investment, which I agree with. Am I entitled to request what I contributed on paying down the loan?

@David Ruiz  You can decide to split the profits however you want. Just make sure you have it agreed to in your joint venture contract. It depends on how long the rehab is and what your mortgage terms are. Also, check to see if you can just add someone to title without having them be part of the initial mortgage. You didn't mention how you would split the profits and what your exit strategy is going to be.