Credit Cards to buy real estate

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I haven't seen a title company that will accept credit cards but if the property was inexpensive enough and you could take a cash advance to cover the purchase price you could do it that way, though as @Scott Anderson mentioned the interest rate would likely be pretty high. But if the deal still made sense that'd be one way to do it.

I wish but you can't.

Imagine all those sweet sweet amex points you'd get. Free flights and hotels all day lol

@Sean D. Jackson you could use a card that provides balance transfer checks & direct deposits. I have multiple cards with 30-40k limits, that are always offering to deposit cash directly in my account for the 3% fee then give 0% for 12 months or longer on the balance. Just plan your exit before the promo expires. 

Keep your credit utilization in mind, as maxing out a card will cause your fico to swing and may cause issues with any other traditional loan apps. 

I see these as another great tool.