Financing Problems due to High Tax Deductions

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I have a W2 job as an engineer, have been paying cash for all of my current investment properties and rehabs. I was able to deduct all of my W2 and rental income for tax purposes through real estate- Thanks to learning from BP! 

Currently, I am really trying to use the BRRRR strategy but multiple mortgage officers are all telling me they can't lend to me because I have "zero" income from the tax returns. Not only the refinance, but I'm running into the same problem getting a traditional loan buying a new primary residence.

I also have a HELOC on my current house to fund my rehabs, the mortgage officers use the max HELOC amount to calculate against my income which drops it significantly.

What are some solutions to overcome this? Thank you. 

Go with a portfolio loan that doesn't require tax returns or income verification other than leases and maybe an operating income statement if it's 5+ units.  Won't work on your primary residence (although a bank statement loan would), but a no income verification loan is tailor made for your situation.

@Jeffery Leon There are loan programs tailored to your needs. Figure that many self employed investors are in the same boat. These programs will base the loan qualification on your FICO, experience, and the subject property's DSCR. They won't collect tax returns or even calculate debt-to-income.

There are other benefits to these "commercial" or "asset-based" loans like being able to vest in a LLC, shorter title seasoning periods, and just general underwriting flexibility.

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