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I've searched high and low but found no decent templates for requesting owner financing from homeowners/landlords. 

Does anyone have a typical letter they send they are willing to share?

Thanks in advance!  

I do a fair amount of creative deal structuring and negotiating Seller Financed deals and I can tell you that when I get a lead, most of the time the sellers did not know that they wanted to accept terms. You need to get people into a conversation to find out their needs and then you can propose a seller financed offer. You will most likely not have much luck soliciting them with a letter that says the words " Seller Financing". All of my leads are sent a short letter that says we can buy their home for cash and when they respond, I steer the conversation to terms if I feel like it will solve their needs.

@Didier Bizimungu most sellers don’t know what seller financing is, much less how to structure one. You basically do what @Derek Dombeck said. If you come across as credible and stable they may be willing to take payments over time. You will need to know how to write up the agreement after you and the seller come to an agreement. If they truly have a need to sell fast, the house needs work, or in a undesirable area they could be more willing. My first house ever was were the sellers took payments and it’s free and clear today.

I stress again, come across as stable and dependable and hopefully it wouldn’t be an act. 

Best regards 

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