New Member with a lot of questions. Looking for help in any form

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Hello all, My name is Brien and I live in Mississippi.  I am looking to investing into some rental properties.  I know very little about all this and am looking for any help I can get.  First question, are there lenders who loan money for rental properties on 30 year loan or is the most a 15 year loan? 

Thank you all, I look forward to learning more and more from this place. 

@Brien Ables , you better off dialing for dollars. When you call mortgage brokers, banks and credit unions, you are able to build a relationship with these companies and contacts which will help you tremendously later on.

Hi Brien,

Find a local bank and schedule a meeting with a loan officer. Tell them your plan and ask what products they offer. Do this for several banks. See who the local investors use. Sometimes you'll need a different officer in the bank. If you hear the word can't, keep moving. They can. Good luck.