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I got the email from RYM below, apologies for pasting the email in entirety but i think this might help others and others can understand the context

iam just 1 year into my owner occupied mortgage. I am trying to accelerate my mortgage payoff. after researching i stumbled on few resources like RYM, Clayton Morris's book and so on. I want to know if using a below program like RYM is worth it. the only reason i would even consider this is if they give bank names particularly for me in NJ, at good terms. 

iam trying to really accelerate my payoff so that i can breathe easy. 

any suggestions are welcome



Please find the email below 

Hey Gang,
Two days left!!! I hope this email finds you well! You are receiving this notice because you scheduled a call with us, we spoke, evaluated your personal situation to determine that you qualify, and that the Replace Your Mortgage strategy would greatly benefit your family's finances. For whatever reason(s), you have yet to take advantage of the opportunity to get on board and get started. For a limited time, to a limited number of new members, we are offering the Platinum Membership (normally $3997) for the price of the Gold Membership $2,497! This offer is a LABOR DAY action takers only discount and will EXPIRE Saturday, August 31, 2019. There are limited appointments on my schedule so this is a first come first serve basis.
Here are a few reasons why this is a perfect time to change your financial future:

  • A discount will not be seen again!!!
  • You can skip mortgage payments for October and November (You'll already have your investment back before you get started)
  • Exciting new videos
  • The sooner you start, the sooner you'll start saving money
  • You CANNOT add a friend or family member outside of your household to this membership due to the discount.

Our goal is to teach, share and help people attain their goals by using this financial tool properly, the correct way as taught in our program, so that they can take charge of their finances and change their own financial future. Get on board and locked in to this low price now. I have opened up my schedule for your appointment. This is being offered on a first come first served basis. You can only book at this web address: The call is to answer your questions, maybe revisit your numbers and then start your on-boarding process. If my schedule fills up before you're able to book your appointment, send me an email requesting an invoice and I will do my best to send it to you.
I look forward to talking with you again soon!
God Bless,
Replace Your Mortgage Client & Consultant

Please do not fall for these gimmicks. Not only will their math be based on an apples-to-oranges comparison, but you can do this yourself for free. If anyone ever tells you that you can save money by refinancing your debt into a higher interest rate, something is wrong. 

I recently ReFi'd a client that was originally looking at the "Replace your mortgage" program. It's crazy that people charge (and people pay) to be taught about this loan style.
A first position Heloc tied to a zero balance sweep checking account is an incredible tool. It just feels like doing your normal banking, but instead of BoA or Wells profiting off your idle funds, you do. All deposits are swept toward the remaining balance on your loan, lowering your monthly interest cost. That compounding/snowball effect allows your deposits to work harder and harder for you each month, to where your balance and interest cost are both dropping rapidly. So you're paying down your balance with all your income, but without any fear, because you still have access to all the money you deposit.

I love it for investing because after the property is paid off, I can simply write a check and purchase my next property in cash. The best part, each new property pays off faster than the last with the added cashflow. You can build an entire portfolio with one loan, without the need to ReFi/cash out every few years.
It's not for everyone, but it is for everyone who qualifies.