I’m looking to expand my portfolio in Stillwater Ok and surround cities. I grew up in the area and my parents still lives there. While it’s rural, I ve found that it has decent returns in terms of cash flow compared to the DFW area where I currently own 2 properties that are barely cash flowing (newbie mistake).

I’m looking to acquire properties thru owner financing around the price ranges of 30-60K that need modest repairs (cosmetic). I’m looking for smaller properties around 600-1000sqf, preferably 2bed/1bath which is common for the area.

I can put down 20-30% down payment. I’m looking to buy 2 properties by November 2019.

Is there anyone in the area (Lawyer, Realtor, Wholesaler)  who can help me with this?

✅I would like to understand the market better

✅ I would also like to understand owner financing laws

✅ Any leads will be welcomed