$700,000 line but only 5 units you can purchase

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Hello all

I was wanting to get some more experienced investors advice on this.

I am 27 years old and currently have 11 houses. I have used seller financing, creative financing etc for all of them so far. I’m wanting to really scale out as I want this to be a full time job for me. I spoke with a bank who’s willing to give me a line for $700,000 but I can only buy 5 units with it.

Does anybody have any advice for me on how to scale out and really start gaining more units.

I feel like I could do a lot with 700,000 if it could be used on more than 5 units where I’m at

Or does anyone have any other methods of gaining more units with little money down

Please advise

Thank you


@Zach Krietemeyer Are you interested in going after a multifamily deal (5+ units)? At that point, you could speak with a commercial lender and they'd likely help you get a deal done that'd help you achieve your goals.

I also am working on a large apartment deal currently that I am putting a big chunk of Line of credit into. 

Would love to discuss this stuff with ya! Feel free to send me a message

Is the 5 unit limitation because of their lending limitation? If that's the case, have you tried other lenders?  What about doing a cash out refi? Or finding a portfolio lender and doing a refi for all 11 as a package? Or maybe even selling all 11 and doing a 1031 exchange?  I'm throwing out ideas, sorry if you've considered these already.  Good luck

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