Is it possible to get 0% interest loans for homes?

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Hello Everyone,

I am completely new to real estate and want to start buying houses for rental in the Philadelphia area. However, I came across a few good deals but did not have the full capital for it and did not want to go through loans with any interest. I am wondering if there are there any other options for maybe $20k - 50k loans or lenders that deal with 0% interest I tried googling went on Reddit and came across few opportunities as opening credit cards but not the full answer I was looking for. Any help I would appreciate it. Thank you  

No options for 0% interest loans.  Lenders are out to make money for themselves.  

You could open up a bunch of credit cards with zero interest but you better have an exit plan or your going to get burned hard and fast.

@Daniel Khan

I can understand why you might not want to borrow, however, as you'll find by reading more on Bigger Pockets, most real estate investing is done by borrowing. If you tie up your cash in one property, that means you can't use it to buy something else.

Lenders will not make loans for 0%. That means they have to borrow money from their sources like other investors, pay them a certain return on their investment, and then lend it to you for no return. That means they would be giving their money away.

Don't buy real estate with credit cards. It never works out. The interest rates will kill your investment over time.