Looking for switching 401k into REIT for flip and investing

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Looking for experienced investment folk or people who have rolled over their 401k into an REIT/IRA for real estate investing/ flipping.

I am also open to network for info on how your experience was through this and some recommended providers of similar products.

Once done I’m looking to flip houses. Let’s talk

REIT doesn't apply here. REITs are traded securities. The biggest problem many IRA flippers have is avoiding the self-dealing problem. You can't provide any service to your SDIRA - so you can't swing a hammer, pick up a paintbrush, let a contractor use your power washer, or anything like that.

Additionally, most flips go awry because the flipper underestimated their costs and ran out of funds - so don't get into SDIRA flipping unless you have plenty of funds to use, because you can't put your own funds in if your SDIRA runs out!

@Bhavani Dewan I use my SDIRA to invest in syndications. Other great use cases include notes and hard money loans as well. There are a lot of good options, it just helps if you focus on assets that lend themselves well to the rules of SDIRAs.