Buying from wholesaler

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We are buying a property from a wholesaler.

He is assigning the contract to us .he us not doing double closing .He is taking 10K as assignment fee.

Does the bank include the assignment fee to the contract price ,while calculating LTV ?

Or the assignment fee come from our pockets ?

Assignment fee should be included in the purchase price. 

Discuss this with your lender & the closing attorney prior to closing to be sure everything thing is done properly. Banks don't like surprises or omissions.

You typically CAN NOT fund a purchase from the wholesaler using conventional or government type loans. You typically can only do that with portfolio lender or a hard money lender. The reason is that conventional or govie loans wont allow the property to be sold by a party that is not on title and have ownership interest. They also would not allow an assignment fee. So be careful going forward unless your using the portfolio or hard money loan?