Hello everyone,

My name is Tom, and I have been crawling the bigger pockets forums and podcasts for quite some time now. I've been learning getting ready for the real estate venture I am going to start with my brother, and my stepfather using the BRRRR method, but before I get to that, here is my current dilemma.

Ive been searching for my dream house with my family since October, had house #1 under short sale contract, fell through went to foreclosure. Fast forward to house #4, (other two fell through, one didn't want to sell her house anymore, other one got beat by a cash offer.) #4 is currently under contract just did the inspections, ask was 360k agreed on 340k. I agreed I would not nit pick, and I left a ton of things out, but there were major issues such as: rotted main support joists in crawl space, completely ruined floor subfloor in master, Carpenter bees, etc. That added up to a rough estimate of 15k-20k. The seller does not want to budge anymore except fixing some small Septic issues and a $150 credit for Carpenter bees, saying this is what you get when you buy an old house. This letter has left a bad taste in my mouth, and 7 hours after receiving this letter, dream house #1 gets listed on an auction site. No inspections no contingencies, no viewing, might be occupied, cash only it describes in the details.

So here is my question, and I'm hoping someone with the want and power to do this sort of thing will read this The house is listed for 275k, and I know it needs a new leech field for the septic, tank is still good. I am fully underwritten for my current loan for 340k, and have everything ready to go as far as traditional financing goes. Is there a common way to obtain a cash loan from a company or someone, have them hold the note for the time being, and then refinance a short few months later with a traditional loan? Will the bank accept this as a cash offer? Are there companies that do this kind of thing for primary residence or would i have to buy it as an investment property? If house #4 seller isn't inclined to compromise with me I do not want to get bullied into buying a house. I am trying to move before the new school year and each house is amazing in its own way, but obviously one is much cheaper.

Thank you everyone here on bigger pockets for all your hard work, knowledge and time you all put on here, it's really quite amazing. After reading and listening so much, it feels good to finally make my first post, I hope to contribute as much knowledge as I have consumed one day, this is just the beginning!