BRRRR'd anything outside of Real Estate? Cars? Share your story!

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First off. Want to give a special thanks to @Brandon Turner for teaching BRRRR in Real Estate and we've not only we use it successfully in several Real Estate deals but have been using it to get excellent deals on almost new cars, trucks, and tractors.

Where have you applied BRRRR method to buy stuff that is not necessarly Real Estate? What banks or credit unions do you work with? Has anyone applied BRRRR to buy a private airplane? Anyways, let me share my story to prime the discussion :)

In 2017 my wife went to a Hyundai dealership with the intent to buy a new car off the lot. The salesman and I agreed to a price and left for the day to finalize the loan paperwork at my bank. On the day we get there to pick up the new car they raised the agreed upon price $2500 because the only available cars had this hot weather package upgrade. (Tinted rear windows and some sort of heat resistant clear coat - Sorry not going to pay 2500 for that!!). After this experience, my wife and I walked away and decided to steer clear of car dealerships. So we went car shopping on craigslist!

After sifting through a handful of scammers and car dealers under the guise of private sellers, we wound up finding a 2016 Hyundai Sonata Limited w/ Tech Package and 1200 mile odometer for $16,100 cash from a private seller that Kelly Blue Booked between 25-27K at the time. The car was in a minor accident and needed a new passanger side front and rear fender. The seller just wanted to cash his insurance repair check, pay off his auto loan, and buy a different car. Anyways, those two fenders that cost us around $900 to replace at a local body shop. After the repairing the car, I worked with USAA savings bank to sell the car back to myself at $22k, 60 mo term at 2%. At the end of the day we paid ourselves $5K to get into practically a brand new car. We repeated the process when buying my new truck saving another $8K. 

BRRR car buying method was so incredibly empowering as a consumer. It allowed us to bypass the frustrating retail automobile purchasing processes and sneaky markups/fees. In all fairness, this method has risks (engine flaws, bad title, etc) but for $100-150 a local automotive pro can do a very thorough vehicle inspection and a $25 Carfax can significanly lower those risks of buying outside of a dealership.

Thanks again for reading and please to share your stories, questions, and experiences using BRRRR outside of Real Estate.

~Kyle Bergren 

wow that is a wild gig I had to think about that for a second to wrap my head around it. I'm guessing the purpose here is that while you retain debt on a depreciating asset you have more cash when the deal is out? 

but not a Brr a friend of mine and myself have flipped second gen dodge diesels since high school as a hobby. There is a huge margin between well cared for and broken ones.. like a few thousand for beaters and 15k for a couple grand in work to clean one up. Last one I paid 9k for, drove it around for a year and sold as-is for 14. certainly not a lot of cash but fun to have cars that pay for themselves instead of the other way around.