Partner with a local bank

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Has anyone been able to partner with their local bank on their investments? I'm not talking about an investor who works a good W2 job and qualifies for whatever cash out loan they offer. Has anyone pitched their business model (BRRRR) to a bank and got them to buy into it and partner with them to buy their refinances or offer a line of credit outside their normal lending terms?

How do you pitch a bank to partner with you? I've been developing a pitch based on Oren Klaff's Pitch Anything and am looking for feedback. We are full time investors and don't have W2, looking for a bank to buy our refis in B-C class BRRRR's in our local area.


Years ago I attended a weekend event in Atlanta called "How to get Lenders Fighting to Give you Money". It was all about positioning oneself to be bankable and get a large line of credit to do deals. Things have certainly changed, but a nice pitchbook will go a long way. You must have a track record and put it on display. Oren Klaf streategies will definitely help.

@Kent Leach

I love those ideas! We have a pitchbook designed off of Jake and Gino's template for just that purpose! It actually came out pretty nice!

I want to say I've heard podcast guests mention this before, going to banks and getting local institutions to buy into the business model. I'd love to see it happen!