Kansas Rentals being sold

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Ok I’m new with no RE purchases. I’m actually a renter of the same property for a decade.

The landlord wasn’t great with upkeep either herself or allowing us to do it.

Fast forward to July. She died and her husband took over. We were current every month. In late October early November I told him with job loss and shut downs it was harder but kept him informed and asked if he would apply for the program offered for rental assistance directly paid to the landlord but applied for by the landlord. He never did.

In December I told him that I didn’t have all of the rent but had over half and he agreed to work with us. In January he texted me he was selling the house but would offer us first shot.

I assumed when he said look for realtor and appraiser that he’d get a figure, tell us allow us the chance to get it and then if we couldn’t we’d have to move out. Never having been in this situation before I wasn’t sure and he offered no help.

February 5 I had a 30 day notice to vacate from the realtor

We still don’t have an amount from him.

I was told we’d have til March 31 because it was placed after the first, I am just trying to find out options and how to get it bought with no money

Or any suggestions ideas etc in general

Is it listed?  I would contact the realtor.  But.  If you experienced job loss, it will be difficult to get a mortgage.  Lenders look for 2 years stable job history with a likelihood of that income continuing. 

He may be telling you its for sale as an excuse to get you to move.  Are there other programs there are for rental assistance?  City, county or state? Talk to goodwill.  Dig into eviction law for your state, see what options are there for renter protection. At least, you might be able to delay the proceedings so you can find a new place. 

Good luck.