Capitol gains counting twords purchasing power

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Anyone know if capitol gains realized on my taxes from stocks will count towards my purchasing power on a fixed loan?

My DTI is ugly due to two cash flow neutral rentals and my tax free military income...

@Chad Griffin I don't know the answer to your question, unfortunately. I would say  "consult with a tax professional" and if you don't have a CPA (which it sounds like you don't, otherwise you would ask him/her) then its time to hire one. Especially since you're up to two rental properties. I hired a CPA to handle my taxes last year and I'm very glad I did! He/she will more than make up for what they charge. Best of luck and keep us updated. 

@Chad Griffin

I would recommend exactly what Douglas said. I Found a CPA that is also a veteran and specializes in RE. It has been eye-opening to have a tax professional on my team. If you would like, I can provide his point of contact.