Make more from your Wholesale deals...Take a NOTE!!, Be the bank.

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Did you know that you can turn your wholesale assignment fee into a note, with interest?

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If you don’t need the quick capital, if you can think long term gratification vs INSTANT GRATIFICATION, you can actually get a larger assignment fee AND make interest on top too.

If it’s to a flipper, you can create the note, charge interest or don’t charge interest, but charge a higher assignment fee and collect more on the backend. You’ll take 2nd position and everything is recorded. Months later when they sell, the closing attorney reaches out to you for payoff amount.

What’s in it for the investor?? Less out of pocket up front, they later let their profit pay for your assignment vs being on the front end. If it’s a buy and hold investor, this is a form of seller finance, a very small monthly payment (which tenants pay for) and you as the wholesaler eventually get your full amount plus interest over the years (or whenever you have the note balloon if you didn’t structure it due in a shorter term).

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Thank you all for reading this post.  I hope it brings a lot of value to some of you.

I've never heard this suggestion before @Jesse LeBlanc but it's a great idea. 

I'll add - Although the note is secured, the wholesaler is taking on risk that the flipper won't perform on the project, risk of title flaws, permit issues, entitlement issues, environmental issues, unpaid taxes, etc. And you're behind any senior debt. If it were me I'd price the risk into the interest rate or bump in fee. 

@Marco Bario Yes sirrr, I mean generally you probably aren't wholesaling a deal that's retail pricing, so there should be a decent amount of equity in the deal.  You are right, you would be 2nd position UNLESS it was an all cash purchase.   But you can structure the note to balloon, you can structure it monthly or however you and the investor agrees.  There are a few creative things here that I absolutely love!    Things also change if it's a rental or a flip too.