How to acquire and Rehab creatively with little cash

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 So, if you know anything about the DC area its completive and extremely hard to break into. I've identified an off market property in Maryland. 

3 properties in portfolio : zoned mixed use: #1 4500sqft ( vacant, open floor plan) #2 4500 sqft ( vacant top floor is office space ( 2250sqft), bottom floor open space) #3 2500 sqft ( occupied-retail )

I would like to build out property #1 and #2 to residential units both with 5 units and I will update the 3rd property and it keep it as retail. 

Any suggestions on financing ? THIS PROPERTY HAS BEEN VACANT FOR NEARLY 2 YEARS. The owner bought the property for 300k in 2015. The property is distressed, but not beyond repair ( no rotting or structural damage) They only income is coming from the retail store in #3. The neighborhood is "up and coming", but it will take another 7-10 years to start to see improvement. I have 90k to my name in cash. Zoning will support my plan, I've talked to permitting office and engineers who have given me the green light ( in theory)

My END GOAL is to buy and hold this property 


-I was planning to try to master lease with option to buy in 2 - 3 years for 350k ???? ( im not sure yet of offer price, hard to gage because it's vacant and hard to gather comps), and use my case to rehab or maybe a bridge loan

- Seller Financing ?? Any suggestions 

-Hard money then BRRRR

- bank loans?

- portfolio loans?

Please help all suggestions would be great.

Hey @Ashley Taylor This sounds like a challenging deal. Even with the hard money option you will likely run into issues. These lenders are gonig to want to see that the asset is performing. You do have some income with retail store in #3 thats good. Also are any of the three properties below $50,000. If so a blanket loan won't be possible with most lenders. Other leders have a $75,000 minimum property value amount. You should be able to find a HML it will just be a bit of a challenge.

@Jason Shackleton  So, do you think it is possible to master lease the property then renovate  then buy with portfolio loan after all renovations are complete( I would be converting from vacant office space to 10 residential units? OR buy with hard money, renovate, rent out, then refinance into loan?  I guess my question would also be what makes it so challenging?

Hey @Ashley Taylor  I am thinking of the requirements of a handful or lenders that I know. It's very likely another lender will have a lending solution for you that fits better. I would look for a local commercial broker and see If they can advise here.