VA lower interest program for investment property!

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Hey Everyone,

For any military members this could be a great opportunity!! I am taking advantage of a program I just found out about!

If you have an existing VA loan at a high interest rate they are considering it a high risk loan so they offered to reduce my rate from 4.65% to 2.6% and yes these is on an investment property, not primary residence!

There is a 1% fee of the total loan but that gets waived if you receive any service disability! Also you obviously pay the recording fees around $600. There is no appraisal or credit pull for the refi you just needed to make your last 6 payment on time!

So all in all, I am reducing my rate from 4.65% to 2.6% and I am paying $600! This is a great way to generate more cash flow highly suggest looking into this!

Have a great day everyone hope this helps someone out there!! RLTW <2>