What is the importance of having a self-directed IRA?

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I'd like advice on whether a self directed IRA is important to have for a RE investor, and why, and how to use it to best advantage. Should I invest the money I put in it in some REITS or just keep it there for liquidating when needed? Right now it's earning no interest.

Why is it not earning anything? Mine has done pretty good this last year. What is it invested in? If you're looking to just start making some money off of it, then change what its invested in. If you're looking at wanting to invest in real estate, you can use it. But it's a pain in the butt.

A SDIRA is no more or less important to a real estate investor than to anyone else planning for retirement. The reason I choose to have a SDIRA as opposed to just having one with a "traditional" brokerage/bank/fund, is because I believe I can achieve a higher return in RE than it would return with the stock market or whatever else it was invested in.

I could invest my SDIRA in stocks ect, I choose not to and to focus on RE because I don't know and understand those other investment options well enough. RE makes sense to me and I've had success with it, so I choose it for my long term retirement investing.

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