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Tax implication on foreign owner with two US residents investing

Posted Nov 16 2023, 11:17

Hi everyone

This is my first post here.

I'm new to investing in real estate in the united states and I'm trying to plan and wrap my heads around things. I live in Spain at least for now and am planning to buy a number of properties with two partners who are US residents. I've spoken with a CPA and he advised that I should have a foreign company owns a US LLC that purchases each unit, and that's how my side of partnership should be.

He said it’s important that I do so to avoid double taxation, withholding tax and estate tax.

Now for withholding tax does that apply to when we decide to sell the property? What if in this case the majority owned are US residents.

Any way to avoid withholding tax in general?

Also wondering if I’m a resident in Spain but keep the profits to re invest would I need to still seek an accountant in Spain?

Any other advice would be much appreciated

thank you all

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