Need a referral to a Real Estate Attorney in Memphis

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I'd like to connect with a good attorney in Memphis to do some due diligence on some firms out there.

Explain what you need done.

Joe Gore

I'd like the attorney to investigate (or refer me to someone who does this kind of thing) a firm I'm working with. Evaluate the deals I've done (make sure I'm the legal owner, etc.) with them so far and generally just let me know if everything seems fine.

Hey @Mike Van Kleeck -

We use several different closing attorneys here in Memphis and any one of them can investigate title for you and evaluate the path of a transaction. The one I think is really thorough and would suggest is a law firm titled:

Pietrangelo Cook - the attorney we work with is Bryan Smith. His number is 901-685-2662.

If you need any other contacts let me know.

@Mike Van Kleeck

So if I understand your post you want a closing attorney or a regular attorney to investigate a company you have done business with?

I looked up the homes you own and it shows that you are the legal owner of the homes.

What questions do you have about the turnkey provider you purchased from?

Thanks for the quick response Curt. The questions I have would be of a private nature. Can you give me the link you used to look up the public ownership data?

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