Tax accountant in Kansas City needed

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Do any of my fellow real estate folks here in Kansas City have a tax accountant with experience in real estate that they can recommend?

I want someone who can look at our personal tax situation and guide me on pros and cons of how to set up a RE business.

Prefer someone North of the river, but am willing to drive for good advice.

Great question! One that I have been thinking about as well- maybe @Andrew Erpelding knows of someone?

Thanks so much @Andrew Erpelding and @Angie B.

BP has been an incredible new source for me. I am very surprised at the helpful environment. I will continue to engage with BP as I move forward. Hopefully one of these days I can actually get a deal going!

My pleasure!  You all going to the royals game on the 25th?  @William Robison  posted a meetup and is also on under BP Kansas City.

  @Ray Orellano

Are you still happy with HGCO?  I was referred to a CPA in the northland and I have been very unhappy with his services.  

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