New investment in LLC, mortgage company says possible call in of loan.

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So I am getting ready to do my first investment. My wife and I really want to make sure we eliminate as much risk that we can. One of the mortgage companies that I am looking to for funding says that they will not loan money to an LLC. Now he did tell me that it is not illegal for me to move the property to the LLC at some point but he cannot advise me or give me any advice to do anything that may jeopardize the loan for any reason. I asked him if it was illegal and he said NO but that there are terms of the loan that if the bank wanted to it would give them the right to call in the loan at any point.

My understanding is that this scenario is very very unlikely, especially because it is my first investment.  However I get worried about the possibility.  

I can go with another lender but they only do 15 year or a different loan with an ARM. So I am a little stuck and would like to get some advice, or if anyone has ever experienced this before.

We really would like to have a 30yr for the Cash Flow and the DTI ratio but we also want to protect ourself and eliminate as much risk as possible by creating an LLC. Any feedback would be a tremendous help. Thank you all for your input.

You can purchase an umbrella policy for pretty cheap if you are worried about liability. If you are trying to finance via an LLC, that's adds a whole level of complexity to financing that I have been trying to figure out for a while. I called a bank two days ago and they allow current members to buy houses in a LLC but not new members. Apparently they are getting out of that business . I would keep calling multiple small community banks and see what happens, it's a process.

I use Eastman Credit Union. They have funded a $28,000 loan to my LLC but I had to personally guarantee it. It is a 10/5 arm on a 20 year amortization. I'm about to re-fi a cash purchase here soon.

ECU offers 15 year fixed as the longest term. They will amortize an ARM up to 25. I suspect most banks have similar terms for commercial lending.

Good luck with your search.

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